Borein – The Pierce-Arrow - [18” x 24” Custom Art Print] $120.00

The folks at Pierce-Arrow knew how to romance their touring cars, and the decision to commission Edward Borein to create this advertisement was inspired. The independent, adventuresome cowboy personified the spirit of those most likely to find appeal in a powerful and reliable machine like the Pierce-Arrow…and could afford one.

There is a hint of melancholy here, too – Borein’s natural response to civilization’s encroachment on the West – but if you have to share the wide-open spaces, it may as well be with the finest automobile civilization could provide.

We dedicated much time and care to restoring this image and rendering it in this impressive size, but it was well worth the effort. We believe you’ll agree…but we are making only 100 prints available.

Like all our custom prints, it is produced using the highest standards of reproduction technology and fine archival paper. We ship it to you carefully rolled in a protective poly sleeve and heavy-duty mailing tube.

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