"Called to let you know I received my order - the pictures are great and I really appreciate your good timing!  I'll be sure to spread the word around - when someone asks me "where'd you get those great pictures", I'll tell them about Cowboys & Images.  I've already framed 4 of them and plan to get the rest done next week.  There'll be more (orders) to come!"

Chris (Rocky River, Ohio)


"Cowboys & Images offers a purity of old western spirit and a distinct view into the real west and how it was.  These images are high grade and capture your intrigue the moment any discerning eye stumbles across them.  I have used C&I for several projects and can't speak enough of the service and level of detail.  They are both academic and professional to work with."

William Gregory, WmGregory Interior Design  (Boston,  MA)


"Thanks so much.  Will be having it ('The Texas Ranger', Buck Jones movie poster, 1931) framed to begin decorating my huge upstairs video/game room.  My house is decorated in what I call 'Elegant Ranch' - not too formal but not too 'hoakie', and many of your items would be perfect for gameroom decor.

I will be ordering other prints in the future, and look forward to doing business with you again."

Alison (Katy, Texas)   


"I received my Seth Bullock's Cowboys lithograph and I have already framed it and hung it in a special place in my leatherworking shop.  It really is outstanding!  It is a treat every time I look at all those gents from that era.  Just thought I would tell you all how much I like it and that it has a good home.  I know I will be ordering from you again soon.  Many thanks."

Richard (Wichita, Kansas)


"We're very pleased with the Rodeo Programs - all 6 are being framed now.  We wanted something fun & colorful for the Family Room.  One suggestion, you might use colored tape on the plastic tubing - then it would be easier to see and then pull off.  We had to cut the tubing away on one of our packages and were afraid we would damage the prints inside it!!"

Lisa (Costa Mesa, CA)

Thank you for the suggestion, Lisa.  We've started using masking tape on the polytubing (when it's needed) so that our customers will be able to see it easier - it will also be easier to remove! 


"I got the 'Sioux Warriors' print today and LOVE it.  I used a simple frame and did it myself.  That kind of picture needs just a simple frame - nothing to take away from the picture itself."

Laura (Owings, Maryland)


"'Lizz' (Swiftwater Lizz) is most definitely for me.  She'll be the female counterpart to my big oil of a trapper and his mule walking towards the viewer in light snow.  It's called 'Self Reliance'.  A few months back I purchased 'Cowboy Gear' for my saddlemaker friend.  After I framed it, I found it so hard to part with, that I had to order one for myself.  I also have 'Cowgirl Dreams' and am considering the throw.  Thanks for your excellent service."

Julie (Creston, CA)


"I'm an American Cowboy fan.  When I was a kid, I got to see Tom Mix in one of his Wild West Circus shows in Chicago - know a lot about Mix and Seth Bullock.  The "Capt. Seth Bullock's Cowboy Brigade" poster is really good, we're having it framed now."

A. H. (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

A.H. called back 6 months later and ordered the "Cowboy Gear" lithograph, as well!


"I got the Cowgirl Dreams canvas already and love it.  I'll send some other people your way!!"

Sherri (Salt Lake City, Utah)


"I received my "Capt Seth Bullock's Cowboy Brigade" today and absolutely love it.  I'm calling to order another for my aunt & uncle!"

Patricia (Great Bend, Kansas)


"I love your website.  The photos are really special.  You must search far and wide to capture these memorable pics."

Deborah (Wailuki, Hawaii)


"The picture of the cowboy with Bobbie jumping over the car ("Bobbie the Educated Steer"), is my father.  I have one of the original postcards.  I used to sell them on Jim Eskew's Wild West Rodeo, when our family traveled with this Wild West Show along the East Coast in the 1930's.  Bobbie's head is in the National Cowboy Museum and Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, OK.  He died in 1948."



"Deb and Rick, my sister loves the (Cowgirl Dreams) throw and I must say it is a work of art.  You should be very proud of this product.  I had my "Cowboy Gear" poster mounted and framed and it too is a fine piece of work.  I look forward to doing business with you in this new year.  Thanks again."

Rick (Calgary, Canada)


"Hello.  I had ordered "Stroud Making Four Horse Catch" & "Roman Jump Over Automobile."  I did receive these prints and had them dry mounted and they are now awaiting to be opened by my dad and sister.

I opened it at the post office and I was too excited to wait until I got home.  Even the gals at the Post Office were impressed with the quality of the prints.

I just want to say a hugh THANK YOU.  I will recommend your site to all my friends and family."

Renae (Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada)


"The 'Game Load Game' print arrived safely yesterday.  It is GREAT!!!!!"

Suzanne (Monroeville, Alabama)


We had Shopping Cart problems one day, but a customer refused to give up and called us to order "Cowboy Gear" and let us know she couldn't get her order to go through online.  We got it fixed within 24 hours and sent her an email to thank her again for alerting us to the problem, and she emailed back:   

"You are very welcome.  I will definitely be ordering from you again.  I'll email you a picture of what we do with the poster."

Bonita (Easley, South Carolina)


"My two prints of Yakima Canutt arrived on Monday.  They are gorgeous.  I hope to get them framed soon.  By the way, I ordered the print of Yakima bronc riding on the streets of Houston, Texas from you last evening.  I could not resist.  The Yak & Kitty photo I think is a big WOW!  Thank you so much!"

Barbara (Enumclaw, Washington)


"My friend downstairs gets Cowboys & Indians Magazine and lets me borrow it.  I cut out the top part of your ad that had 'Cowgirl Dreams' and put it on my bedroom door.  I decided I had to have the real thing!"

Patricia (Fairport, New York)


"Found out about you guys in Wild West Magazine.  LOVE YOUR PICTURES.  I have a friend who's Great Grandfather is in the Seth Bullock picture ('Capt. Seth Bullock's Cowboy Brigade')."

Bill ( Rapid City, South Dakota)



















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