Nothing is “Perfect”

We stress quality above all else, and you’ll find the quality of our products to meet or exceed similar images you’ll find anywhere. We’re proud of everything we sell and we want you to be proud of your purchases.

When it comes to older images, especially images that are 70-100 years old or more, there is virtually no such thing as “perfection.” That’s part of their charm. On the other hand, the human eye has grown more critical and demanding over the years, along with our ability to produce ever-finer images.

Our goal is to strike the best-possible balance – images that are pleasing to the modern eye, without losing the small imperfections and verities which set vintage photos and graphics apart, and tell us they are authentic.

Canvas Art Prints (Giclees)

Our custom art prints (giclees) printed on canvas may be displayed uncovered by glass. They are produced on a special canvas, printed with the new pigmented UltraChrome Inks and given a UV-resistant coating.

Paper Art Prints (Giclees)

Our custom art prints (giclees) printed on heavy, special papers are also printed with pigmented UltraChrome inks, but do not have a UV-resistant coating. They are best displayed under glass or UV-filtered glass for a longer life.

Lithograph Posters

“Lithograph” is a fancy way of saying “offset printing.” Our lithograph posters are printed with high-quality inks on heavy, acid-free papers made in the U.S.A.

We highly recommend our posters be framed under UV filtered glass which, together with the quality paper, will assure the longest-possible life.

Fluorescent light can be particularly harmful to posters, photographs or any other dye and ink-based images. UV filtered glass protection should be a priority for any images you treasure.

Vintage Originals

The vintage originals sold by Cowboys & Images exist in a variety of condition states. We represent them as accurately as we know how, but “grading” is a subjective matter we believe is best left to the perceiver.

Should an item have been professionally linen-backed and restored, we will identify the restorer and provide full disclosure on the work done.

For serious inquiries, we highly recommend your examining the images closely – and requesting close-up views of areas where minor tears, stains, etc., may be present, before committing to your purchase.

All vintage items should absolutely be stored to protect them from light, humidity, cigarette smoke and other pollutants – and under UV protected glass if displayed.

The Straight Skinny on Giclee Prints (our Custom Art Prints)

True “giclee prints” are high quality images produced on sophisticated, high-end inkjet printers. Epson and HP make the best of these printers – the ones famous photographers, museums and Cowboys & Images employ to make their prints. Testing has indicated that, properly made and cared for, quality giclee prints can last 100 years or more.

Our research leads us to recommend caution when buying giclee prints from anyone. A relatively quick test is to inquire the name and model number of the equipment your Seller uses – and then look up its rating from a respected, independent research firm like Wilhelm. In addition to ratings for equipment, the Wilhelm site offers loads of free, downloadable information and articles.

Our prints are produced on the Epson Stylus Pro 9600, a seven-ink printer using the newer, pigmented UltraChrome inks (as opposed to dye-based inks) and the finest Epson-approved papers and canvas.

Prints created in this system are highly resistant to humidity and somewhat resistant to water; they are not impervious to moisture. They have admirable permanence ratings; they are not impervious to light and other effects of aging.

While tests suggest a life of between 34 and 75 years for prints created on this system and displayed unframed (depending on the paper used), we recommend prints be framed under glass – and better yet, under UV filtered glass.

Fluorescent light can be particularly harmful to posters, photographs or any other dye or ink-based images. UV filtered glass protection should be a priority for any images you treasure.


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About Us  

Richard and Deborah Wadsack

Toward the end of my Father’s life, I learned, only by happenstance, that he had worked briefly for Tom Mix – helping tend to the famous cowboy’s equally renowned horse, “Tony”. This was during one of Mix’ tours with the Sells-Floto Circus in either 1929 or 1930. I can’t be sure.

Dad was not given to gabbing. I was in my late twenties before he ever even told me a little about his experiences in WWII, in late-night conversations over glasses of whiskey in my folks’ kitchen. It was during one of these sessions that the subject of Will Rogers came up and, in relation to Rogers, Tom Mix.

Several years after he died I got the urge to learn more about those personalities and times, in hopes of filling in the blanks between the stories and anecdotes Dad had shared with me – and to gain a fuller picture of my Father, too.

My search took me farther and wider than I’d ever imagined, to the rodeo, wild west shows, silent movies, and the West that had inspired them. It became something of an obsession and, of course, I discovered I wasn’t the only one caught up in it.

Deborah and I spent thousands of hours in search of images before deciding to create this site. We hope it will be a useful and reliable resource for others – and a source of choice gifts and decoration for those who share our fondness for the American West.

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